Cameras for Girls Uganda


I started this initiative to train girls in Uganda in the art of photography.  Having a passion for all things photography, I wanted to give that gift to others.  I chose Uganda as that is where my family and I come from.

I was there in 2007 to do a documentary.  Seeing how much we have and how little they have, I knew that I had to do something to change the plight of girls because as in most parts of the world, they are not given the same opportunities to advance themselves.  At the time I just did not know what that would look like.

Fast forward to last year, when I started the plans to make something happen and a year later after much hard work, self-financing through savings and collecting used digital point & shoot camera's I was able to bring my vision to life.

I completed the first training in August of this year (2018) and trained 14 girls ranging from the age of 18-24; who are either in the midst of becoming journalists, are already working in journalism or are seeking full-time work.  These girls had never touched a camera and over two days, they learned the basics including, aperture, shutter, ISO, composition and perspective.  It was amazing to see the growth in their skills over the two days we were together. 

They are continuing their training with a partner on the ground, who is teaching them editing and providing access to a computer where they get to learn photography with KelbyOne, a sponsor who has been very supportive.

I am currently planning on the next training dates for June 2019 and have a wait-list of girls ready to learn.  The plans are for the girls, who have just gone through the training to further advance their photography skills and to also give back and pay it forward by helping other girls to learn photography by becoming a mentor.

One of the students wrote to me two weeks after we finished to say that she had shown the camera to her editor and was hired on a full-time basis and was now able to get published with a byline and photo credit.  Up till then, she was not being paid for her work because she could not provide photos with her stories.  That was especially rewarding for me to see such concrete results come after just one short training.

The funds will be used to purchase used and/or new point & shoot cameras; a computer for the lab and funds for a permanent space we can rent for each training, equipped with proper internet access.

Below are two blogs that will provide more information and the link to the website where you can become a part of the training if you so wish.

Imagine my Fears and Theirs

Success Is Yours To Take

100% of funds raised to go to this initiative.

On behalf of the Girls in Uganda and myself, thank you for your support and your donation! 

If you cannot donate money, we are more than happy to take your good new or used equipment.