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Colorful Women Everywhere

Uganda like any other Africa country is riddled with pot-holes (as the money usually goes into the government’s pocket rather than into fixing infrastructure) but the one thing you will not overlook is the beautiful and colorful garments the women wear.

Ugandan women take care in their appearance. I was amazed at the beautiful outfits the girls would wear to the training and/or the women I would see in town – they were all for the most part wearing very colorful and in some cases traditional garments. I found this to be one of the most beautiful things to see.

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Bringing Your Taste Buds Alive With The Fruits in Uganda

Growing up in Canada I would dream of the stories my parents would tell me about the fruits they had in Uganda; mangoes that were double the size we get here and tastier as they come straight from the tree, passion fruit, dragon fruit, oranges that look like limes but are super sweet and more.

When I first visited Uganda in 2007 I could not wait to taste all of these incredible fruits that were so tasty and so big and again on this trip that was the one thing I could not wait for.

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In Uganda Smiling Is Infectious

The one thing I found in Uganda that no matter where I went or who I met, they were always smiling. From people who sold you fruit to the guides that took you on excursions to people you met on the streets – their wide and open smiles were infectious and you could not help but be happy.

Uganda has been affected by wars, by the tragedies afflicted on them from the years of govern under Idi Amin and their current president but nothing gets them down. Being one of the poorest African countries, they are richest in natural resources and a people that leave your heart singing with their smiles and gracious attitudes.

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Bicycles Are A Saving Grace In Uganda

In Uganda, not everyone can afford a a car so bicycle’s become essential and in most cases they are not used for exercise or fun but rather to carry their families, crops and everything you can imagine under the golden sun.

In some cases, they have miles to travel and it is not always safe as the roads don’t always have lights or traffic lanes so cars, boda-boda’s (motorcycle taxis) and bicycles will intermingle as everyone tries to get to their destinations safely.

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How Kids Get Around On School Trips In Uganda

If you are a parent like me, every time my kid goes on a school field trip I get scared because the buses don’t have seatbelts and I just don’t trust the drivers but in Uganda I would be literally terrified.

We were on our way to the Rwenzori Mountains, when we came upon a restaurant at the side of the road. We stopped to take some photos of the amazing views and have a tea and some snacks. As we were leaving we saw these school kids arriving for a field trip. They were jumping out of the back of a truck bed and my jaw hit the floor.

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