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Student Story - Photography Training That is Paying Off

Nanyonga Annet is one of my students. She is currently studying Mass Communications and Journalism. She is 20 years old and single.

When not studying at school she is out and about practicing her photography. I am sharing one of her latest images - I am proud of how far she has come in a relatively short time.

Please help us to train more girls by donating to our Go Fund Me Campaign.

Your donations go towards purchasing cameras for our girls as well as paying for ongoing photography and editing training.

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Happy New Year - Time To Make Your Ugandan Safari Dreams Come True

Do your 2019 New Years plans include a trip to the African continent?

How about Uganda?

Where you will see: the amazing wildlife, such as the chimps in Kibale National Park; Gorillas in the Bwindi Inpenetrable Forest; Lions, Elephants, Rhino's and leopards in Queen Elizabeth Park? How about helping me to train 15 girls in photography? Experience with local tribes and more?

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Halfway To My Go Fund Me Goal

I just got another two donations - I am past the half way mark and on my grand goal $3,000.

The funds will be used to buy camera's for the girls, a computer for the editing lab in Uganda and a rental space with internet access.

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The Little Girl In Uganda That Captured My Heart

On our way to the airport for my departure, we were driving on the outskirts of Kampala towards Entebbe, when I saw this little girl sitting next to her mom selling fruits and vegetables.

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My Go Fund Me Campaign Is Live - Cameras For Girls Uganda

Welcome to my Go Fund Me Campaign. I am raising funds to train girls in Uganda in the art of photography. Having a passion for all things photography, I wanted to give that gift to others, help change lives and help advance girls. I completed the first training in August of this year (2018) and trained 14 girls ranging from the age of 18-24; who are either in the midst of becoming journalists, are already working in journalism or are seeking full-time work

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Success Is Yours To Take

During my photography training of the girls a few weeks ago in Uganda, the one thing I kept repeating was that Success Is Yours To Take! What I meant was that we all have excuses as to why we are not successful in our chosen careers or fields. We can listen to those excuses and allow them to guide us either way, good or bad or we can use the tools given to us and help ourselves to advance in life and in our careers. Over two days it was hard to get through the training let alone learn about each girl individually. They were hesitant to share as they were a bit afraid of what was to come; learning a new skill and operating a camera that they had never even touched before. For instance, there’s Joanita Nakatte, who this blog post references, who used the camera to go after what she wanted – a full-time paid job!

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Imagine My Fears And Theirs

I returned from my first trip to Uganda on August 21, 2018.  It was amazing in so many ways. However, the most amazing thing of all was all the young women I met and the lives I get to change through photography.

Along the way there were many challenges and roadblocks. For instance, I thought I had settled on a school, only to learn that the girls cannot attend school always because they were needed at home to fetch water, take care of the younger children or work in the family plot/garden; or the school lacked electricity so it would be difficult to train let alone have enough light for the girls to operate a camera.

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