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Lodging In Style In Uganda

Have you ever gone on a tour far away and you may have overlooked the lodging or hotels you were staying in? Or the descriptions were vague?

On our photo-tour to Uganda, you will be lodged in style. Some of the wonderful places we will stay are the Mweya Safari Lodge (, Paraa Safari Lodge ( and Chobe Safari Lodge ( in Murchison Falls just to name a few.

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The Kazinga Channel - Full of Animal Life and Wonder

When my friend and guide Venex recommended I see the Kazinga Channel, I at first said no as I did not want to spend time on a boat – boy am I glad he was insistent.

This area teems with wildlife – everything from the mighty elephant, that makes it’s trek down the hill from the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park to the watering hole to drink and play; the hippos that will scare you as you feel that if the boat were to tip you would be their next meal; the water buffalo that are bigger than you thought; the crocodiles that lay with their mouths open to breathe and the countless birds in the trees and monkey species running along the shore playing or relaxing in the trees.

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I Love Presenting About Uganda and The Girls

In 2018 I had the opportunity to do a few presentations. First Newmarket Camera Club in November and Rotary Newmarket in early December. Thank you to both for giving me a forum to share about my trip to Uganda, the girls training in photography I did in August of this year and the upcoming photo-tour to Uganda in June 2019.

If you are interested in the tour, where you will see amazing sights, safari's, gorilla trekking and also be a part of training the next cohort of girls, please check out my website at - I would love the opportunity to speak at your event as well.

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Bicycles Are A Saving Grace In Uganda

In Uganda, not everyone can afford a a car so bicycle’s become essential and in most cases they are not used for exercise or fun but rather to carry their families, crops and everything you can imagine under the golden sun.

In some cases, they have miles to travel and it is not always safe as the roads don’t always have lights or traffic lanes so cars, boda-boda’s (motorcycle taxis) and bicycles will intermingle as everyone tries to get to their destinations safely.

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How Kids Get Around On School Trips In Uganda

If you are a parent like me, every time my kid goes on a school field trip I get scared because the buses don’t have seatbelts and I just don’t trust the drivers but in Uganda I would be literally terrified.

We were on our way to the Rwenzori Mountains, when we came upon a restaurant at the side of the road. We stopped to take some photos of the amazing views and have a tea and some snacks. As we were leaving we saw these school kids arriving for a field trip. They were jumping out of the back of a truck bed and my jaw hit the floor.

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Lush Carpets of Green Everywhere You Look

Unlike coffee, Uganda has a good trade with it’s tea. Widely grown in the rain forest areas, including Fort Portal, it is like lush carpets of green everywhere you look.

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If You Can Drive In Uganda You Can Drive Anywhere - Scary But True!

On the 2nd morning of my girls photography training, I was picked up by one of my students, a lovely lady, Patricia Oyella Diana who works for BBC Uganda. The traffic in Uganda, unlike here is a planning nightmare. Nobody ever promises to be there on time or even close to it because you can't predict what the roads and the traffic will be like.

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Success Is Yours To Take

During my photography training of the girls a few weeks ago in Uganda, the one thing I kept repeating was that Success Is Yours To Take! What I meant was that we all have excuses as to why we are not successful in our chosen careers or fields. We can listen to those excuses and allow them to guide us either way, good or bad or we can use the tools given to us and help ourselves to advance in life and in our careers. Over two days it was hard to get through the training let alone learn about each girl individually. They were hesitant to share as they were a bit afraid of what was to come; learning a new skill and operating a camera that they had never even touched before. For instance, there’s Joanita Nakatte, who this blog post references, who used the camera to go after what she wanted – a full-time paid job!

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