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Drinking Tea Now Has A Different Taste For Me

On our photo-tour of Uganda this past June, we drove through the tea fields in the Fort Portal area, along the Western Rift Valley.  My late aunt and her husband (also passed long ago) owned tea plantations and we happened to drive by the very one. 

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The Bahai House of Worship In Kampala

On our first day of touring Kampala (exhausted and jet-lagged but excited to be in Uganda) we headed off to see the sites. My grandfather helped build the temple in the 50's I believe and there once stood a plaque commemorating his donation but unfortunately it was destroyed long ago.

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Boda Boda in Uganda

What's a Boda Boda? It's a motorcycle built for one, however in Uganda it can carry everything you can imagine; equipment, groceries, bananas and people and sometimes all at the same time. It's the craziest thing I ever saw and with the traffic I was so afraid the motorcycles would topple in front of our car.

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