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Looking Me In the Eye on Safari in Uganda

There’s no way to explain how one feels when a wild lion looks you in the eye on safari in Uganda. On our last day of touring Uganda and doing two safari's we were feeling a bit sad as we had not seen any lions on our tour....until we finally did :)

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Our Photo-Tour of Uganda Has An Abundance of Primates

The one thing I look forward to other than safari when I go to Uganda to lead our photo-tours, is to see the various primates.  Uganda has an abundance of primates.  Whether you are on a walk-about safari at Lake Mburo or you are walking through to see the hot springs of Semiliki, you will see amazing primates.

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The Rothschild Giraffe’s In the Wild’s Of Uganda

In Uganda, you will find the beautiful Rothschild Giraffe. These sweet creatures are now only found in a few spots in the wilds of Africa; Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda.

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