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Introducing Diana Asiimwe

I love training girls in photography and it fills my heart when the work I do is meaningful and I can see that the girls are taking every opportunity to learn what is being taught to them, practice and use the skills and the camera to explore their career opportunities. Diana has been doing assignments and attending camp to learn editing and filmmaking.

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Student Story - Photography Training That is Paying Off

Nanyonga Annet is one of my students. She is currently studying Mass Communications and Journalism. She is 20 years old and single.

When not studying at school she is out and about practicing her photography. I am sharing one of her latest images - I am proud of how far she has come in a relatively short time.

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Halfway To My Go Fund Me Goal

I just got another two donations - I am past the half way mark and on my grand goal $3,000.

The funds will be used to buy camera's for the girls, a computer for the editing lab in Uganda and a rental space with internet access.

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