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Ugandan Street Food – An Experience To Savour

As Kampala, the capital city of Uganda grows and grows – there are now over 3.5 million people crammed into an area no bigger than the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), street foods are growing in popularity.

Some street food like Rolex I was willing to try (an omelette rolled into a chapati) but not others, such as goat meat. Goat is a delicacy in Uganda and is also very expensive, so it is not readily available to most families.

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On The Way To Safari, I Had A Rolex

Due to getting up super early to go on Safari, I did not have time for a proper breakfast so I grabbed a Rolex.

In Uganda a Rolex might be a watch but most likely it is the name of amazing street food. It’s a Roti or Chapati rolled around an omelette and made like a wrap.

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