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The Lions That ALMOST Evaded Us

When it comes to Safari, you need to get up very early so you can be there before first light, as that is when the animals are most active. I was so excited to see the Lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park, that I didn’t even bother to eat but grabbed a Rolex (Chapati stuffed with an omelette – you have to try it) to go at road-side Rolex Stand.

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My Encounter With The Zebra’s – Not the Painted Ones

There has been recent controversy surrounding painted zebra’s in a zoo in Egypt. Well in Uganda, they are as real as real gets.

Beautiful, stripes glistening in the sun as they graze in the fields of Lake Mburo National Park.
Lake Mburo is the only place you can see Zebra and it was the first of two safari or game drives I would do on this trip. The second being Queen Elizabeth Park.

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The Leopard I Almost Missed In The Tree

While on Safari at Queen Elizabeth Park, you will see many animals, such as lions, elephants, cob, eland, monkeys and more but the one elusive animal can be the leopard.

After about 3 hours of looking and following and dodging other Safari tours in the park, our guide stopped another car to speak to their guide about where to find both the lions and the leopard. We still had not seen either animal and I was getting despondent to put it mildly.

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Safari Dreams That Finally Came True

Safari from the Swahili word “Journey” has always been a long-held dream of mine. Having been to Uganda before, I never had the opportunity to do a Safari and thus I was not going to miss it this time.

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