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Climbing Down Into An Open Cave At Amabere Ga Nyima Wiru

Near Fort Portal and a day after completing the chimp trek in Kibale National Forest, I was shown a place called Amabere Ga Nyinam Wiru, an open cave steeped in local legend. If you don’t know where you are going, you would miss the entrance to the park, the caves and the hidden gems to be found, such as the caves, the waterfall, the stalagmites and stalactites.

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Sunsets that will blow your mind

The strange thing about the sunset is that we actually don't want the sun to set, we want it to stay right on the horizon, not below it, not above it, just right on it! Mehmet Murat ildan

Ugandan sunsets are like nothing you have seen before – sure we all see the sun set each day but it’s the deepest of reds, oranges and yellow’s that will literally blow your mind as a photographer.

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Boda Boda in Uganda

Need to get somewhere but you don't have a vehicle? Need to do your shopping? Most likely in Uganda, you would jump on a Boda Boda! In most cities across Uganda, you will see cars owned by the middle class and the Boda Boda used by everyone else.

What's a Boda Boda? It's a motorcycle built for one, however in Uganda it can carry everything you can imagine; equipment, groceries, bananas and people and sometimes all at the same time. It's the craziest thing I ever saw and with the traffic I was so afraid the motorcycles would topple in front of our car.

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Uganda – The Pearl of Africa – In More Ways Than One

Why Is Uganda Called "The Pearl of Africa"? The Moniker- Uganda - the Pearl of Africa - was made popular by Winston Churchill, after his first trip to Uganda in 1907. In his book, entitled "My African Journey", Winston Churchill wrote "For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life - bird, insect, reptile, beast - for vast scale - Uganda is truly "the Pearl of Africa."

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Lake Bunyoni – Where Pregnant Girls Go To Die

Lake Bunyoni is the second deepest lake in Africa and is located near the Rwandan border. It is also known as the “place of many birds”. It is also unknown to many tourists, thus making this lake even more special. I was lucky enough to explore it because my friend and guide Venex of Rwenzori Safari’s was born in the area.

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Lush Carpets of Green Everywhere You Look

Unlike coffee, Uganda has a good trade with it’s tea. Widely grown in the rain forest areas, including Fort Portal, it is like lush carpets of green everywhere you look.

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My Meeting With Two Masai In Uganda

On our way from stopping to take the obligatory photo at the Equator sign to Lake Mburo, we came upon two Masai brothers walking towards Kenya- some 400 miles away.

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Safari Dreams That Finally Came True

Safari from the Swahili word “Journey” has always been a long-held dream of mine. Having been to Uganda before, I never had the opportunity to do a Safari and thus I was not going to miss it this time.

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When Your Memories Just Have To Enough!

What happens when you are on a trip of a lifetime and are so crazy excited to get that shot? The one that will make that event or activity forever memorable? But you can’t because maybe your camera lens is not that long? Or you don’t have a tripod when you need it or you just sucked in that moment.

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