Grasshoppers Make Nice Snacks in Uganda

Nakasero Market is a place where you can find anything and I mean anything; fresh fruits and vegetables, hardware, software, household goods, dresses and even fried grasshoppers.

While walking in Nakasero Market in the middle of Kampala, Uganda we came upon this woman sitting off to the left on the footpath, that meanders through the market. She was preparing live grasshoppers for frying. She would cut off their legs and their wings so they could not fly or jump away and then would sell them to another person, who would fry and prepare them for sale.

We were a group of four but I was the only one to take advantage of the opportunity to try fried grasshoppers. Grasshoppers make nice snacks in Uganda and are a delicacy. They were crunchy and chewy for sure and a little bit gross too :(