My Go Fund Me Is Live

As some of you know that not only do I lead photo-tours to Uganda but a huge part of this is training local girls in photography. These girls are specifically learning how to become journalists and the aid of the camera and learning how to operate it and tell a story with it is what helps them get jobs in a male-dominated society where there is also 65% unemployment rate.

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I am fundraising for my 3rd training to happen next August 2020. I just returned in June of this year having trained 18 girls and it was outstanding.

If you wish to learn more before considering a donation, please check out my website at charity is being setup under Cameras for Girls Uganda but it takes time so Go Fund Me is the best avenue to fundraise

If you have used or new camera's you wish to donate, please know that every one of the cameras I receive are put back to teaching a girl and changing her life.

Thank you and you can donate at:

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