May The Odds Be Forever In Your Favor

“May The Odds Be Forever In Your Favor” This line of course comes from the movie Hunger Games but I could not help but relate it to my work in Uganda. With every girl trained through “Triple F Photo Tours” and our charity in progress, “Cameras for Girls Uganda”, the odds are more likely that the girls will succeed.


Let’s look at a few examples that have happened over the two years I have been running the program. Each year I teach between 15 and 18 girls and the odds that every girl will succeed is unrealistic but out of the 15 we have at least 7-10 actively participating and out of that group perhaps 1 or 2 will use the training to succeed.

In year 1, we of course had Joanita, who used the camera and the training to obtain a full-time paid job as a journalist. She is now able to get published 4 times a week at minimum and support herself and her family. Then we have Annet, who has dreams of becoming a photo-journalist. She has started a photo-blog and is becoming known for her work in Uganda. She has partnered with local photographers to not only learn from them but to also help them where needed as an assistant. When you work together instead of compete with other photographers, it becomes a win-win for all involved - sadly that is not always the case so I teach this to the girls as photography cannot be a selfish art - it must be shared to grow.

Currently in the second year, we have many rising starts - almost all the girls (out of 16 girls) are active and are progressing steadily. We are in the 2nd month so hopefully the girls will stay the course and show that the odds can be forever in their favor.


My Go Fund Me is in place for the next year’s training, to be conducted in August 2019. I am hoping to raise $5,000 so I can buy camera’s for the girls that are better than the previous year’s used camera’s and also a 2nd computer for the editing lab.

If you are able to help with camera’s (any make or model - new or used will help) and/or donations please reach out to me at and my Go Fund Me is

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