THANK YOU - Your Support Means Everything

Doing something like this is not possible on your own - you need support. Both locally and internationally and so I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU!


First THANK YOU to my husband Tomas and my daughter Hailie who let me go every year for 2 weeks without feeling guilty for leaving them behind.

Thank you to my parents Aba and Dilu and my sister, Farah for their support - without you pushing me forward I would falter.

Thank you to the countless people who donated money and camera’s. Without sponsorships it is hard to get this done - but with your support it is possible.

Thank you to Bryan and Martin at Henry’s Newmarket - who have collected cameras for me, given me advice on my training and encouraged me every step of the way.

Thank you to Brians Camera Shop in Newmarket - not only does he fix my gear but he is amazing at sourcing cameras I need and taking trade-ins for the cameras I cannot use.

Thank you to KelbyOne - who from day one supported me with licenses each year so the girls in Uganda can watch videos and learn editing.

Thank you to Youth Arts Movement Uganda and the director Kenny G Mulinde, who is supporting me by providing free editing training to my girls in Uganda - this is essential and god put us together one fateful day on my first trip and he continues to surprise and amaze me.

Thank you to Venex, my friend and brother. It was Venex, a journalist in Uganda who suggested wisely that I train local girls training to be journalists as the camera as a tool allows them to become employed and more importantly get paid.

Thank you to The Image Salon in Montreal, who are my go-to-editors for all my editing needs. They kindly helped me edit the photos from this year’s training and I will be posting more in the coming days.

Finally THANK YOU to the girls in Uganda who take 3 days out of their lives to come and learn from a stranger. By the end of it you have learned the basics, have improved on the skills you either already had or never had and you have become a part of the family. Without you this program, would not be possible.

As I look forward to the next year, I hope that this support and kindness continues and I look forward to growing this into a global brand whereby if I can change one life it will all be worth it.



Amina MohamedComment