You Can Buy Anything At Nakasero Market

Nakasero Market sits in the heart of Kampala. People sell everything; fruit, nuts, fresh meat, chickens (live), fish, electronics - you can buy anything at Nakasero Market - literally!

The market has grown since I was there last year and it's amazing to see how almost everything will get sold in a matter of days - with no refrigeration, you wonder how they do it.

With it's fertile soil, Uganda ranks as the highest fruit producing country in Africa and produces mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit, jackfruit, oranges and lemons just to name a few....there are so many others that are just as amazing.


Walking through Nakasero with unfettered access (we paid a guide to take us through) we met countless men and women selling their wares. They were not always keen to get their photos taken but loved sharing their stories.