Uganda - “The Pearl of Africa”

Jackfruit in Bombo Town

The Moniker– Uganda – the Pearl of Africa – was made popular by Winston Churchill, after his first trip to Uganda in 1907. In his book, entitled “My African Journey”, Winston Churchill wrote “For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life — bird, insect, reptile, beast — for vast scale — Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa.”

Everywhere you look, you see amazing beauty, natural wonders, local culture and ways of it’s wonderful people.

On my first trip back in 2007, I saw fields of tea and coffee (Kenya buys 85% of its’ coffee from Uganda and ships it under it’s own country label); home-grown roses that are also exported; fish that was descaled and smoked and used to make belts and shoes for Europeans. Salt that is mined and sold to neighboring African countries and more. Uganda is very rich in natural resources, however they lack the means to export their own resources under their own label, which does not enrich the country as a whole.

Uganda, more than other African country draws thousands of tourists a year to see the Gorillas. Uganda has just over 600 remaining Gorilla’s living in the wild – while it is not the easiest trek to make, you can do a 1-10 day tour based on your level of fitness. There are also the numerous Safari tours available, where you will see lions, elephants, zebra and giraffe to name a few. Don’t forget the over 1,000 species of birds – colors that will amaze you against the bright green foliage you see everywhere.

In recent years, Uganda has spearheaded the Bujagali Dam Project. In 2007, when I first went, the power would go out intermittently, however now Ugandans’ can enjoy electricity, in even the smaller villages and towns. Using the source of the Nile River, the Bujagali Dam harnesses it’s power from the Bujagali Falls.

Finally, there are more than 45 different ethnic groups calling Uganda home. Each ethnic group has it’s own way of subsisting and language varies from tribe to tribe but overall they live peacefully and respectfully, having memories of a time not too long ago, when their ways of life were threatened; thatched roof huts to houses and everything in between. Some of these ethnic groups live like they always have, while the world and it’s technologies grow at an amazing speed. On our trip we will visit one ethnic group – the BaKonzo Tribe, who are protective of their habitat in the Rwenzori Mountains, one of Uganda’s highest mountain ranges.

When it comes to nature and beauty, this country does not compete with any other East African country, hence the reason it is called “the Pearl of Africa”. A lot can be said, written and read but you can never appreciate the beauty of Uganda, unless you personally visit it.

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