The Rothschild Giraffe’s In the Wild’s Of Uganda

Rothschild Giraffe - Lake Mburo National Park

Rothschild Giraffe - Lake Mburo National Park

In Uganda, you will find the beautiful Rothschild Giraffe. These sweet creatures are now only found in a few spots in the wilds of Africa; Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, Murchison Falls National Park and Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda.

When I was last there, I saw them in Lake Mburo. We had travelled a few hours to reach the park and the road into the park is riddled with potholes so my back was not happy but I was so excited at all the wild animals I was seeing, such as the Ankoli cows, the Ugandan Crane, which is the national bird, Grevy’s Zebra and more that I forgot about my back.

The one animal that was elusive was the giraffe. We would stop every vehicle to ask them if they had seen them but to no avail. Finally after 3 hours and almost to the point of giving up, my guide and friend who has the best eyesight ever spotted them way off in the bush., The sun was about an hour from going down as we exited the vehicle (Lake Mburo is the only park, where you can exit and walk amongst the animals) and started slowly walking towards the giraffe’s.

They had spotted us way off and were timid so I would stop every few feet, look the mama in the eye and reassure her with my body language (relaxed) and then venture closer and closer until I was about 100 ft away. Once she was satisfied I was not a threat, I was able to take photos of her and her young while they ate the leaves off the acacia trees, which surround the park.

Seeing giraffe in the wild and not the zoo is a dream come true and I cannot wait to return in June to see them again – this time in Murchison Falls.

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