Beating The Drum Has A Different Meaning in Uganda

Playing the drums, UKC Uganda, Bombo Town

Playing the drums, UKC Uganda, Bombo Town

One of the most enjoyable things for me in Uganda is watching people dance, sing and beat the drum.  It is fascinating to watch as their hips gyrate to the music and their hands beat the various drums. 

Drums are used for dance but they are also used for ceremonies, rituals, healing and of course worship.

When I visited UKC (Uganda Kids Canada) on my first day in Uganda, I was treated to a drumming and dance session by the kids and their master Yusuf. 

They had various drums that were all hand-made as it is an art in Uganda and a source of pride.  There are drums that are fully enclosed and those that are open on one end, to help with reverberation.  The open-ended drums or cylindrical drums are made from crocodiles, monitor lizards or alligator and the small, medium and large drums are made from thicker skinned animals, such as cows and goats.

Below are photos of the various drums I saw there and also in other parts of Uganda.  There are also photos of Yusuf and his various students at the centre.