Bringing Your Taste Buds Alive With The Fruits in Uganda

Two men selling fruit and vegetables at Nakasero Market, Kampala

Two men selling fruit and vegetables at Nakasero Market, Kampala

Growing up in Canada I would dream of the stories my parents would tell me about the fruits they had in Uganda; mangoes that were double the size we get here and tastier as they come straight from the tree, passion fruit, dragon fruit, oranges that look like limes but are super sweet and more.

When I first visited Uganda in 2007 I could not wait to taste all of these incredible fruits that were so tasty and so big and again on this trip that was the one thing I could not wait for. Unfortunately, it was not mango season, but I managed to find some at the biggest market, which is Nakasero market located in the centre of Kampala and savoured every bite with breakfast the next morning.

Nakasero market is an outdoor market and is the largest in Kampala. It does not only sell fruit but everything you can imagine, including fresh food, textiles, electronics and shoes just to name a few things. Just like us China has invaded Uganda with cheap products so you will now see mostly Chinese made products, which unlike us are not as cheap as you would expect in Uganda.

On our trip to Uganda you will not only see these beautiful fruits – some of which we don’t get here but you will taste them and your mouth buds will come alive. I can promise you that!

Below are images of the various fruits, markets and people who were selling - smiling as usual :)

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