Uganda Is Really A Place To Be (guest post)

I gave the girls an assignment - they had to pick somebody they admire and also take a photo to accompany the story.

First up is Nakatte Joan, who is the lady who got a full-time job after learning photography with us and showing her camera she received to her boss. She now produces 3-4 articles a week and gets a byline and photo credit.


Dr Prosperous Nankindu aged 32, a Muganda by tribe, is one of the renowned academicians in Buganda kingdom. She is a lecturer at Kyambogo University and heads the accounting and finance sector in this University.

In an interview with her, Nankindu says that she always dreamt of a prosperous life in her future, hence her name. Growing up in a remote village , called Kaasangalabi, never hindered all that she desired and that she wanted to be in life. With a lot of struggle and hard work, Nankindu says that her wisdom helped her to achieve all that she has up to until the level that she is on right now.

“I was sponsored right from my senior 4 up to when I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Finance in Kenya and when I got a job, I had to invest in myself until I finished my masters Degree in accounts and finance.” Nankindu says.

At a tender age, Nankindu has been applauded by important and respected people here in Uganda including the king of Buganda, Ronal Muwenda Mutebi,the Queen Mother Sylivia Nagginda and other prominent people to the extent of appointing her to lead some of the highly ranked positions in the office of Buganda kingdom. This has helped her fulfill at least 85% of what she has dreamed of.

Among the countries that she has visited, Nankindu says that whoever discovered that Uganda is really the Pearl of Africa was 100% right because of its uniqueness and extraordinary nature.

She says that from the tourism attractions and the beautiful scenery that attract people from other continents, the conducive climate,the hospitality of Ugandans proves that Uganda is really a place to be.

The attached photo shows Dr Prosperous Nankindu addressing the crowd at a political rally.