The Kazinga Channel - Full of Animal Life and Wonder

Hippo, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

Hippo, Kazinga Channel, Uganda

When my friend and guide Venex recommended I see the Kazinga Channel, I at first said no as I did not want to spend time on a boat – boy am I glad he was insistent.

This area teems with wildlife – everything from the mighty elephant, that makes it’s trek down the hill from the plains of Queen Elizabeth National Park to the watering hole to drink and play; the hippos that will scare you as you feel that if the boat were to tip you would be their next meal; the water buffalo that are bigger than you thought; the crocodiles that lay with their mouths open to breathe and the countless birds in the trees and monkey species running along the shore playing or relaxing in the trees.

The boat ride was 2 hours long and we took off from the shore below the Myewa Safari Lodge, at the Mweya Penninsula. By the way, Mweya Safari Lodge is one of the places we will be staying at when we visit this area.

The Kazinga Channel is a wide, 32-kilometre long natural channel connecting two Lakes; Lake George to the east and Lake Edward to the west. Many consider the Channel to be one of the most important features of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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