Ugandan Street Food – An Experience To Savour

Man selling chicken at roadside foodstop, Entebbe

Man selling chicken at roadside foodstop, Entebbe

As Kampala, the capital city of Uganda grows and grows – there are now over 3.5 million people crammed into an area no bigger than the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), street foods are growing in popularity.

Some street food like Rolex I was willing to try (an omelette rolled into a chapati) but not others, such as goat meat. Goat is a delicacy in Uganda and is also very expensive, so it is not readily available to most families.

These street food vendors are smart and set their booths and stalls up in strategic places, such as the road that goes from Uganda to Kenya. We were on our way to Lake Mburo National Park after having stopped at the Equator sign, when we passed a very busy food stall on the side of the road.

I asked my driver to turn the car around, so I could see what all the fuss was about. He was not happy but he obliged. We were already running late and he was worried about traffic and I was worried about not getting enough shots from the various places we were either visiting or driving by.

Imagine a huge metal framed tin-roof tent; there are stalls stacked side by side and people serving goat meat or chicken legs and wings on skewers and people in the background cooking in bbq pits, big pots on makeshift fire-pits and then the people taking the food and hawking their wares to the frequent tourists riding by on buses, cars and boda-bodas. It is a non-stop hub of buying and selling and people trying to survive on what they have to sell.

As you can see Pepsi has not missed the chance to do some brand marketing.

I had to ask permission to take photos and buy some goat meet in trade. However, not being a meat eater, my driver happily took it from me and started chewing away from the brown paper bag stuffed full of small pieces of goat meat and chicken as well. I tried the chicken and it was delicious!

We took the photos, got the street meat and went happily on our way, leaving the hawkers to crowd the bus that had just arrived packed full of more tourists hungry for some street food.

If you come on our photo-tour to Uganda, you will not only get to eat amazing foods but you will also get to try the various street foods – it is an experience not to be missed.

You will also get to attend a Goat-Roasting Ceremony on our tour – check it out at