You Can’t Help But Dance To The Beat Of The Drum In Uganda

Local women dancing at UKC Uganda, Bombo Town, Uganda

Local women dancing at UKC Uganda, Bombo Town, Uganda

Do you like song and dance? In Uganda this is actually an art form and a way for each tribe to tell their stories.

My mom says I could dance before I walk, as we played African music at home growing up. I love to dance!

When I was in Uganda in August, I was given a dance lesson by a very pregnant Josephine at UKC (Uganda Kids Canada) Centre just outside of Kampala and was treated to a private reception by the Ruboni Tribe in the Rwenzori Mountains.

With over 53 different tribes in Uganda, dance, song and language can differ depending on which area you live in or come from. Dance and song are ways for tribes to express their heritage and tell long held stories and legends that pervade their tribes from generation to generation. Much like the aboriginal peoples here in Canada.

Imagine seeing a dance in the cultural centre, in the streets or even in the villages and the amazing photos you would capture on our Uganda photo-tour. Not only will we visit the Ruboni Tribe but you might be lucky to get your own dance lesson too.

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