Sunsets that will blow your mind

Sunsetting over Fort Portal, Uganda

Sunsetting over Fort Portal, Uganda

The strange thing about the sunset is that we actually don't want the sun to set, we want it to stay right on the horizon, not below it, not above it, just right on it! Mehmet Murat ildan

Ugandan sunsets are like nothing you have seen before – sure we all see the sun set each day but it’s the deepest of reds, oranges and yellow’s that will literally blow your mind as a photographer.

The following shots were taken at various spots on our tour; I got sunsets over tea fields, in the mountains and even overlooking the savannah in Safari.

Once I was back in Canada, I remember downloading the images and my heart swelling with pride and my heart pumping with longing for the beautiful country and people I left behind in Uganda.

When photographing a sunset you want to make sure you are capturing the details in your foreground as well as your background, which means you need to play with depth of field. Thus you want to start with the following settings: ISO 200, Aperature @ f8 and Shutter @ 200 fps - then you manipulate your settings from there. On our tour, you will learn how to control your camera so you get the shot you want!

Come see, photograph and experience for yourself on our guided photo-tour to Uganda from June 2-16, 2019.

Not only will you see amazing sunsets, but you will get to experience gorilla and chimpanzee trekking; safari in the Queen Elizabeth Park, hiking in Rwenzori mountain and much more.

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