My Meeting With Two Masai In Uganda

Two Masai Brothers selling sandals in Entebbe

Two Masai Brothers selling sandals in Entebbe

On our way from stopping to take the obligatory photo at the Equator sign to Lake Mburo, we came upon two Masai brothers walking towards Kenya- some 400 miles away.

They were selling handmade sandals, made of recycled tires, wood and leather. They were intrigued by my short greying hair and insisted on taking photos of us together with their cell phones. I took the same opportunity to take some photos with them as well.

While the Masai have adopted modern technologies they still main their traditional way of dress of red and black blankets with hand-made Sandals. They also make their own beaded head-dresses, which you can see differ slightly and is a way for them to make a statement. I especially loved the decorative tassels on the sandals.

The younger brother was not very talkative and would not look at the camera, but his older brother had many questions about why my hair was so short as it is not normal in Masai culture for women to have short hair; what I was doing in Uganda and once he found out I was from Canada, even more questions about Canada. It was great to speak and exchange information about our respective cultures.

After purchasing some sandals, it was time for us to part our separate ways.

Below are images of me and the Masai, their sandals and my photo at the Equator. Not sure I you will see the Masai on your trip to Uganda, however you will definitely meet other tribes from Uganda.