The Lions That ALMOST Evaded Us

Male Lion, Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda

Male Lion, Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda

When it comes to Safari, you need to get up very early so you can be there before first light, as that is when the animals are most active. I was so excited to see the Lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park, that I didn’t even bother to eat but grabbed a Rolex (Chapati stuffed with an omelette – you have to try it) to go at road-side Rolex Stand.

We reached the park after about 45 minutes and entered the park. We saw elephants, rhino, birds, impala, warthog but no lion. After 3 hours, with no sighting, I was getting frustrated and my guides were getting tired and ready to call it a day. Undaunted, I was not willing to leave unless I saw the lions.

We had seen the leopard and were on the search for the lions, when the guide heard from another guide that they were far off the trail and we would have to pay a guide to lead us to them, which was not legal but at that point I did not care.

We drove off-track for about five minutes, when we came to a clearing with 5 lions – one cub and four adults. Looking back I could see the other tourist trucks searching but we were not going to call to them as it would scare off the lions with the truck’s mad dash through the landscape.

I could see one had a recent mishap with an elephant or some big animal as it was missing an eye and the sore was still red and raw. A male was walking towards our vehicle and I was standing outside the roof of the vehicle shooting as much as I could in the two minutes we had.

After our encounter with the lions, our safari was satisfied and starving I finally went to get something to eat. It was an experience I will soon not forget.