My Encounter With The Zebra’s – Not the Painted Ones

Mother and baby Zebra, Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

Mother and baby Zebra, Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda

There has been recent controversy surrounding painted zebra’s in a zoo in Egypt. Well in Uganda, they are as real as real gets.

Beautiful, stripes glistening in the sun as they graze in the fields of Lake Mburo National Park.
Lake Mburo is the only place you can see Zebra and it was the first of two safari or game drives I would do on this trip. The second being Queen Elizabeth Park.

We drove into the park after paying our entrance and were rewarded with the first herd of Zebra, almost immediately. We were lucky to be able to get out of the car and approach them within 100 yards. However, they are skittish so you need to go slow.

Lake Mburo, is the third largest national park or safari game drive in Uganda, but the only one you can get out of the car and walk amongst the animals as there no longer exists threats of lions and leopards. Many years ago there existed the big cats, but unfortunately they are no longer there, due to loss of habitat.

When we exited the car, I had to not only side-step all the zebra poo but I also had to go slow so as not to scare them away. I managed to get some great shots and as we were exiting the park, managed to get an albino zebra, which is rare, nuzzling it’s mother along as well as a foal feeding from its mother.

It was pure photography magic and it is indescribable to see these majestic animals in the wild and not just in a zoo.