Joanita Took Her Training And Ran With It

24 year old Joanita Nakatte learning camera settings, Cameras for Girls Uganda

24 year old Joanita Nakatte learning camera settings, Cameras for Girls Uganda

Joan Nakatte is 24 years old and currently single (happily or as she says contented to be so).

She is a graduate from Uganda Christian University at Mukono District.

She currently works with Vision Group under a department of a local newspaper called Bukedde(Olupapula) meaning newspaper.

"I've always wanted to be a Journalist since I was 10 yrs old. I was by then in primary five. What inspired me, were the women who always read news on TV. I always admired how they did their thing so smartly. surprisingly by then I did not know the actual name of what I wanted to be until my form three when I was told by one of my teachers that it was called Mass Communication/Journalism.

Amina to be honest with you I never had a plan (B) in life as far as my education was concerned. All I wanted to be was a journalist not any other thing. When I finished my A level I registered in to many universities until Uganda Christian University in Mukono offered me a place to study a Bachelors Degree of Arts in Mass Communication.

What i like most about photography is that,photography is just an art and at times it looks up to the talent of someone. It needs alot of training to become an expert however, if one has got the talent, it doesn't necessarily require much studying.

Still, I think photography is fun and this comes in when you take a photo and admire it yourself.

To be honest Amina with the possession of this camera I've been able to gain trust from my bosses the fact that they now assign me to the field to go and work on a particular story and they publish it immediately which wasn't there before.

I was about to give up but then when you Amina showed up along with the camera,I gained hope and now here I am and I believe that I'll reach to the top."

Joanita is just one of many students using the camera and the skills she was taught to progress in her studies, her work and her life.

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Below are photos that Joanita has taken along with some of her published work.

The photos are about the King of Buganda (largest tribe in Uganda) and his visit to the district of Mukono