The Leopard I Almost Missed In The Tree

Leopard, Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda

Leopard, Queen Elizabeth Park, Uganda

While on Safari at Queen Elizabeth Park, you will see many animals, such as lions, elephants, cob, eland, monkeys and more but the one elusive animal can be the leopard.

After about 3 hours of looking and following and dodging other Safari tours in the park, our guide stopped another car to speak to their guide about where to find both the lions and the leopard. We still had not seen either animal and I was getting despondent to put it mildly.

The other guide said he had not seen them and then a few minutes later the call came in that there was a leopard up high in a cactus tree. All of Queen Elizabeth Park, you will see these massive Cactus trees. The big cats like to sleep in them and the elephants like to dine on them.

The cat was high up in the tree and there must have been 7 trucks surrounding the tree, all trying to ease into a better space to see the leopard. When we first got there, his face was towards us but his eyes were closed and then he got frustrated and turned his head away. All you could then see was his body, the back of his head and his long tail.I asked my driver to go on the other side of the tree, where there was no other car and we were rewarded with the face of the sleeping leopard, as his body straddled the tree.

If we had stayed where we were, we would have gone away disappointed. It’s a reminder to always look at your surroundings to see how better you can capture the shot. I wished I could have seen the leopard on the ground with some cubs but beggars can’t be choosers. I was happy that I did not miss the leopard in the tree.