When Your Memories Just Have To Enough!

Olive Baboons, sitting outside Khibale National Park, Uganda

Olive Baboons, sitting outside Khibale National Park, Uganda

What happens when you are on a trip of a lifetime and are so crazy excited to get that shot? The one that will make that event or activity forever memorable? But you can’t because maybe your camera lens is not that long? Or you don’t have a tripod when you need it or you just sucked in that moment. We have all been there – we missed THE shot or rather I missed THE shots! During my crazy 7-day tour of the western part of Uganda, I went to many amazing parks, where I would get to see many monkey’s and primates, as well as some of the big 5!

I get tired of hearing – “you just have to let your memories be enough”. What about when my memory or mind goes too one day - lol?

This happened to me on my trip to Uganda. I saw monkey’s in the trees in the forest on the way to see the Semuliki Hot Springs – even my guide who had been guiding thousands of tourists over the last three years had never seen the rare bearded monkey and we saw it that day – the shot below shows the bearded monkey but he was too far to get a completely clear shot.

I also went Chimp Trekking at Kibale (pronounced Chibale) Forest and I even saw monkey’s in Lake Mburo and QE National Park.

While I did get a few great shots of the various monkey’s, I could not get THE shot and this was the most frustrating of all.

Either the monkey’s were too quick for me or they were too far up in the trees for me to get a clear shot.

While I did manage to get some good shots of a chimp climbing a tree or even the hand of the Olive Babboon, which climbed on our car as we exited the park, it was disappointing to miss the shots of the other monkey’s and primates that exist in Uganda.

Here are some you will see and hopefully capture on our photo-tour the following:

The Mountain Gorilla’s in Bwindi National Park to the west or Mgahinga National Park in the northern part of Uganda. I did not get to see this as I could not get a permit in time before I left for Uganda. The good news is that there are 80 permits available each day so with advance planning securing a permit is no problem;

Chimps in Kibale Forest or Kyambura Gorge in QE National Park. There are over 5,000 chimps in Uganda and so it is always easy to hear them even if you don’t see them. I must say this was the highlight. As you trek the forest, you can hear the chimps calling to each other. The call starts as a quiet call up in the trees and gets louder and louder until they are all screaming. The hair goes up on your neck, as you think they are going to all jump down around you all at the same time…It is crazy, exciting and scary all at the same time! This is one visit not to be missed;

The Olive Baboons as mentioned above frequent Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale Forest (they are a target for the chimps and so that’s the reason you will find them mostly outside of the park perimeter on the road, just hanging out);

The bearded monkey is a rare sight and hard to find as they are very high up in the trees of Semuliki National Park – had a sighting but did not get the clear shot – arrg! Black and White Colobus Monkey – I saw these monkey’s in the various parks we went to near the Rwenzori Mountains. They have a black body, white face, white tail and white sides and live in groups and are a very social monkey.

Red Tailed Monkey – I saw these as well in the Semuliki National Park – they have an extremely long red tail but the rest of the body is dark.

There are many different species and hopefully you won’t miss the shot and have somebody say “you just have to let your memories be enough”.