If You Can Drive In Uganda You Can Drive Anywhere - Scary But True!

A regular traffic day in Kampala, Uganda

A regular traffic day in Kampala, Uganda

On the 2nd morning of my girls photography training, I was picked up by one of my students, a lovely lady, Patricia Oyella Diana who works for BBC Uganda. The traffic in Uganda, unlike here is a planning nightmare. Nobody ever promises to be there on time or even close to it because you can't predict what the roads and the traffic will be like.

I got into the car and Patricia then gets an emergency call from a journalist who is tied up in customs at the airport. Being worried that I would be late for my students as I was adamant that they all be on time for 10am and it was already 9:15am - I offered to drive.

Now if you know me at all, you know I drive fast. My family likes to refer to me as a crazy driver - not true! I just have places to be that's all.

Anyways, so we quickly switch places and we are off - it was Sunday, which is a slower day for traffic but still crazy. I averted potholes the size of a small pool; I dodged cars and boda-boda's (motorcycle taxi) by the hundred's, while trying to avert hitting people walking on the side of the narrow roads. Everytime we came to a stop or had to go on the green light, I could hear an audible gasp from Patricia. I was having the time of my life, while my stomach was clenching tight as if I was riding a roller coaster.

We arrived safely but not on time - I learned that I could no longer promise to be on time - the trick was to arrive safe and alive, which thankfully we did.

In my excitement I forgot to take photos of me driving or even video but I have photos of traffic in Uganda. I will never complain about traffic ever again - well maybe not :)