Success Is Yours To Take

Joanita learning camera settings

Joanita learning camera settings

During my photography training of the girls a few weeks ago in Uganda, the one thing I kept repeating was that Success Is Yours To Take! What I meant was that we all have excuses as to why we are not successful in our chosen careers or fields. We can listen to those excuses and allow them to guide us either way, good or bad or we can use the tools given to us and help ourselves to advance in life and in our careers. Over two days it was hard to get through the training let alone learn about each girl individually. They were hesitant to share as they were a bit afraid of what was to come; learning a new skill and operating a camera that they had never even touched before. For instance, there’s Joanita Nakatte, who this blog post references, who used the camera to go after what she wanted – a full-time paid job!

Joanita received a byline for both the story and the photo (story by Joanita Nakatte). I’m so proud I had to share. Also a shameless plug to help me get more support for other girls :)

She wrote verbatim:

“Amina, I understand you don’t understand the language (written in the local dialect, Buganda) but that’s one of my articles that was published this week on Thursday and I took that photo with the camera you gave me. My editor appreciated what you did for me because I was about to lose my job and the fact that I can now own a camera, I was put on payroll, and I’m going to start being paid in September cz I’ve not been getting my salary ever since I started working in June. I’ll forever live to be grateful for what you did for me”.

I wrote back and said, “I’m so proud of you…you did this…not me! You worked hard for what you wanted and used the camera as a tool”. You went after what you wanted and got it!"

Many of the girls are using the camera’s that were donated to them to progress themselves. Not all but most of them (as will happen with any large group) are sharing what they have learned and each week I see them getting better with their photography.

I look forward to receiving many more successful stories like Joanita’s and hope to garner more support to train other girls in photography. We will also be starting the online portion to learn editing (with a generous license donated by KelbyOne), so the girls can continue to learn and progress – nothing comes easy but if you want success you have to take it! Nobody shows this better than Joanita Nakatte!!

Attached is a photo of Joanita as she studies the menu's of her camera.

Keep posted for more great stories and news about our upcoming trip to Uganda in 2019, where you can be a part of training more girls in photography as well as improve your own photography with in-the-field training seeing the beauty that surrounds in Uganda.