Update On Trip To Uganda in 2019

Dancing in the communities of Uganda (photo credit @Azim Abdullah)

Dancing in the communities of Uganda (photo credit @Azim Abdullah)

As some of you know I embarked on a new journey this year - a year of discovery and philanthropy, while pursuing my dreams of a full-time Photography career.

I have been working hard with my two businesses. The first is a fine-art children's portrait business with my friend Kate Wilson

The other is Triple F City Tours https://www.facebook.com/Triplefcitytours/ where I will be taking people (travelers, amateur or enthusiast photographers) to Uganda in 2019. A big part of my tours is to give back by training local girls in the art of photography and having the travelers/photographers who are coming on the trip, lend a hand in the training - thereby changing their lives and the lives of the girls.

A huge challenge was to find the right school to work with - either they were too far north of the area I am staying in and had no electricity or the school was not equipped to handle the training.

After a lot of work, I am proud to say I have found a school and we will start our training on my first trip in August. I will be donating used point & shoot camera's to the school so that the girls can undergo the training on a full-time basis.

Thank you to those of you, who donated your camera's - they will go to an excellent cause :). I am still looking for working point & shoot camera's so if you have any, please reach out to me.

I have also managed to bring on sponsors, such as KelbyOne - https://www.facebook.com/KelbyOneOnline/ if you are looking for the best online training, please check out KelbyOne.

Will continue to update you and if you are interested on coming on our tour, please check out our FB page and/or email me at bookings@triplefcitytours.ca.