Amazing Things Can Happen With Like-Minded People!


A few weeks ago, I invited to my home some friends (new and old) that all have the same goals to improve the lives of Ugandan's and are doing amazing things in their own right.

Maylynn Quan who runs Uganda Kids Canada with a cross-cultural component between Uganda and Canada; Richard Mewhinney who is a mortgage broker here but does various not-for-profit projects in Uganda and is a member of the Rotary Club in Newmarket; Valerie Hill who is a journalist in KW and is a member of the charity Dream Share Uganda - a not-for-profit that supports educational programs in Uganda; Henry VanderSpek who is an amazing photographer and has done work with Photographers without Borders on projects in Uganda and other East Africa countries.

Working in this space has opened up my eyes and my heart even further than before as I come across these and other amazing people, who give themselves freely - both in time and spirit!

I look forward to collaborating with these amazing people and feel honored to call them my friends!