Changing Lives

Our company has two goals.  The first is providing girls and women studying journalism in Uganda the opportunity to learn photography and business skills. We raise funds and collect new and used point & shoot camera’s for the girls and train them to use the camera’s over 3 days. This tool helps the girls learn a new skill, advance in their journalism careers, improve their options and change their lives. The second goal is taking amateur and enthusiast photographers from Canada on a photo-tour of Uganda, to improve their photography skills in-the-field while interacting with the training of the girls and hopefully also changing their lives along the way.


12 Photographers - 12 Days

“Changing Lives”

This photography adventure, will introduce you to the east African country of Uganda, home to the Nile River, the Lost Valley, Gorilla & Chimpanzee treks, Queen Elizabeth Park, and the Rwenzori mountains, just to name a few. It’ll combine an exciting exploration of the world's most outstanding landscape, wildlife, and cultural locations together with photography lessons from Canada’s very own photography maestro – Martin Ingles.

Speaking of photography - what makes this trip different from other trips to Uganda? While you are learning new skills in bettering your own photography, you get the opportunity to join Martin and I, as we train 15 local girls in the art of photography, which will help them sustain their economy and improve their career options, while learning a viable skill.

During these three amazing days, you will also get the opportunity to meet many of Uganda’s top photographers, as they will donate their time to assist us with this cause. (see more about our first trip that was completed in August 2018 here

12 photographers from Canada, a few of Uganda’s top photographers, led by the amazing Photography expert, Martin Ingles – imagine the amazing conversations, sharing of tips and techniques and the learning that you will be immersed in, while helping to change a girls’ life – it will be a priceless life-changing experience!

Only 12 spots available on this incredible trip and includes, flights, airport transfers in Uganda, hotels, meals and park entrances - everything you need except for your spending money and vaccines. Where else can you get this value?

Our next trip is June 2-16, 2019.

Our Impact

This initiative took a year in the making. Having left Uganda at the age of three, my family and I came to Canada as refugees and I am grateful for the opportunities I was afforded. Unfortunately, girls and women in Uganda are not always afforded the same opportunities. In many cases, girls are relegated to taking care of their younger siblings or their own children having married young; or they are the ones who will be working in the fields tending to the families crops, while their brothers are lucky enough to go to school.

After my first visit home in 2007, I realized I had to do something to help – I just did not know what that was at the time. Fast forward to last year, when the birth of this idea was born and the hard work to put it together started.

In just a short while, the impact of the training has been realized. The girls are producing photographs that would rival any beginner, with a bigger, better camera (at this time we were only able to provide used point & shoot digital camera’s – some of them years older than the newer ones available in the market).

One of our girls, wrote how only two days after training she was finally hired by her editor, because she could now take her own photos and accompany her stories with photos. She was put on salary and starting to get bylines and photo credits for her work. Stories like this are what makes everything worthwhile – stories that change lives.

Testimonial - August 2018

“One of my articles was published this week. My editor appreciated what you did for me because I was about to lose my job and the fact that I can now own a camera, I was put on payroll, and I’m going to start being paid in September because I’ve not been getting my salary ever since I started working in June. I’ll forever live to be grateful for what you did for me”.

J. Nakatte, student in training

Our Sponsors

Training girls in photography in another country is difficult to do, without the aid and assistance of partners. As a grassroots organization, we look towards our partners to help this initiative to grow.

Being limited in time and funds, we completed our first training over two days, which is not enough. It is therefore imperative that the girls continue their training with online training through KelbyOne, who graciously provided us licenses for the girls to learn and advance their photography skills; Henry’s Newmarket, specifically Bryan Weiss and Martin Ingles, who have been instrumental in finding used camera’s for the girls and finally Youth Arts Movement, Uganda and Kenny Mulinde, who has provided an editing lab for the girls to learn the full suite of Adobe Editing products.

We are actively seeking sponsorship to help us train more girls. Please get in touch if you feel you could be the right fit.

Partners and Sponsors


By getting involved, you support this grass-roots initiative and help to change the lives of girls and women in Uganda.


Are you a female journalist living in Uganda?

Hoping to learn photography to improve your career options?

Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for Photographers in Uganda and Canada

to volunteer in our training of the girls.

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We appreciate your help so we can train more girls and women in Photography in Uganda. Please consider donating through our Go Fund Me Page - thank you!